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Our Services


Wash & Clean

We cover the surface with a fine spray of our eco-friendly, hyper surfactants that soak, lift and encapsulate the dirt particles. It also contains gentle lubricating agents which help to remove the dirt easily without scratching the surface and leaves no swirl marks. We then use the highest quality micro-fibre towels to remove the dirt leaving a perfect, high-gloss shine.



Odour Treatment

We use our unique ozone treatment to eliminate unwanted odours that have accumulated in the vehicle’s interior. This method is so effective it even removes the toughest smells including ones caused by mildew, pets and smoke.



Interior & Exterior Detailing

Interior detailing includes the vacuuming of the dash, centre console, seats, carpets, luggage area and vents before a variety of specialist chemicals and tools are used to clean any soiled areas such as upholstery, trim, carpets and headlining to the finest detail.

The exterior detailing uses a variety of chemicals, tools and accessories in order to reach awkward areas, clean off soiling and leave the car looking pristine. We clean the wheels and shuts, washing, polishing and waxing the bodywork, dressing plastics and tyres and polishing the glass. Finally, a clay bar removes unwanted contaminants that cause paint to feel rough and dull.


Paint & Interior Protection


We use different strengths of NANO-coating to protect your car exterior – Basic, Standard and Premium. This provides a high level of protection to the surface against chemical attack from any kind of environmental corrosives such as animal and vegetable deposits (bird droppings and tree saps), road grime and UV rays. The effects of the coating cause particles of contamination to adhere less to the surface giving an “Easy to Clean” effect.

For the interior protection we use a new generation of Super-hydrophobic NANO coating. It protects a wide range of fabrics and materials from water, dirt stains and contamination from most liquids without affecting the appearance, colour, breathability or feel of the material.